We have controlled atmosphere storage for 54,000,000 pounds of potatoes and also have off-site storage available through our growers. Potatoes are stored at 40 degrees and 98 percent humidity to preserve freshness. We ship approximately 1,500 semi-truck loads per year. Electronic bagging machines guarantee accurate weights and high-speed output, packing 140 5# bags per minute. We are also equipped to package in a variety of other weights and types.

Available Packaging  
Type of Packaging Amount Held
Poly Bags 3#, 5#, 8#, 10#, 15# & 20#
Paper Vent Bags 50#
Cartons 50#
Tote Bags 2000#

Recent Updates

2019 Upgrade
In 2019 we added a VolmPack machine.  We now have a total of 3 VolmPack machines that are used to pack 3#-20# poly or poly/mesh bags.  Our new machine has the capacity to pack ___.

2011 Addition
In the summer of 2011 we added on two 41,000 CWT bins to our storage.Construction3

2009 Upgrade
The summer of 2009 brought about some major changes in the washplant at NoKota. We added a Mayo Potato Polisher and an Odenberg Grading System to the washline. The potatoes are now washed and sent through the Polisher to give them a sheen.

The potatoes then go to the Odenberg Grading System where they are automatically graded by cameras. Each camera unit is comprised of optical sensing devices and banks of L.E.D.’s which emit light at the product to be sorted. This optical device looks at the potatoes and determines whether they are accepted or rejected. All accepted potatoes are sent on to be manually graded and sized.

The washline was also redesigned to allow us to accumulate #2B’s and Creamers to better meet our customers needs.